Daily Lectio Divina for the 800th Jubilee

Lectio Divina

Date: From 7 November 2015 to 21 January 2017

Place: The program will be available on the Jubilee webpage of the Order: www.op.org/en/jubilee

Motivated by the Proemium of the General Chapter of Trogir, we propose a Jubilee Lectio to encourage and to nourish the renewal of our Dominican life through an attentive listening to the Word – a life of prayer and contemplation in silence and study (cf., ACG Trogir, 42).”

We are planning a daily lectio during the Jubilee Year of the Order of Preachers (November 7, 2015 – January 21, 2017). It will consist of five brief sections: lectio, studium, meditatio, oratio, and contemplatioLectio will simply present the liturgical readings for the day.  Studium will be an analysis of the prominent points of one of texts of the Scriptures. Meditatio offers to the reader a short reflection on the text that follows from its reading and study.  Its purpose is to show ‘by word and example how faith transforms human existence; renews the heart, the spirit, and the body; and how the social realities of the world are called to become signs of the coming of the Kingdom (ACG Torgir, 43).” Hopefully, this moment of meditatio will bring together a “profound and gentle listening to the Word of God and a caring attentiveness to the hopes of men and women today (ACG Trogir, 108).”  The moment of lectio culminates with oratio, a prayer, in order to underline that only through the manifold graces of God is the sacra preadicatio made possible and fruitful.  Contemplatio is only one or two sentences that a person can keep on their minds and in their hearts for the day. It concisely presents the precise fruit of the lectio.

Lectio for the Jubilee Year will follow the universal calendar of the Church and the proper calendar of the Order.  When we remember the saints or particular events (e.g., date of the approbation of the Order), there will be brief information about them before the lectio. We also hope to include artwork that corresponds to the day as a way of incorporating the importance of the arts in preaching.

Guided by the criteria established by the General Chapter of Trogir, members of the Dominican Family will be invited to offer these moments of lectio.  There will be guidelines to assist the contributors. Once received, the daily lectio will be translated into the three official languages of the Order and posted on the Jubilee webpage of the Order’s website.