800th Jubilee Painting Commissioned by the Province of St. Joseph

By: Bernadette Carstensen

Copyright Dominican Province of St. Joseph


About the Artist:

Bernadette Carstensen works full time as a freelance illustrator from her home studio in southern Ohio.  Specializing in traditional painting mediums such as watercolor, gouache, and oil, she has completed pieces for St. Patrick’s Church, the Diocese of Columbus, and the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference.  Lifelong parishioner at St. Patrick’s Church, Bernadette was delighted to be able to pay homage to the Dominican Order through painting this illustration.  Her intent was to show the span of the Order by including figures from every century, different countries, nobility and poverty and also to give a face in art to some of our more obscure saints and blesseds. Drawing much influence from masters such as Jan van Eyck and Fra Angelico, the composition is somewhat decorative and ambiguously lit, denoting the supernatural setting. The blue of the sky is symbolic of Mary’s veil enveloping her beloved Dominicans; this is also the reason her head is uncovered.  It is meant as a reference to St. Dominic’s heavenly vision of the Order sheltered beneath the Blessed Mother’s mantle.

About the Painting:

Title: “Beloved Dominican Saints”  This commemorative, original painting is being sold.  Some of the proceeds from the sale will be given to the Dominican Province of Saint Joseph to support the many friars in formation.  Interested buyers please e-mail: jubilee@opeast.org

Image copyright, Dominican Province of Saint Joseph, 2015